May 3-5, 2019

Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Atlantic Podcast Summit is the first podcast-dedicated festival in the Atlantic Provinces to bring together creators, businesses, and fans to celebrate and discuss the future of the industry.

Whether you have an established podcast, are just getting started, or are simply a fan, this inaugural event is something you won’t want to miss.

Engage with other fans, creators, and industry professionals from across North America. 

Saturday of the Summit features panels, keynotes and talks from some of the best in the industry. Then, join our Sunday masterclass for a hands on how-to lesson.

Join us for a live taping of the Sickboy podcast as they use humour to breakdown the stigma of disease.

Experience Sickboy Live and the Summit with a Saturday Full-Day Pass!

If you’re a podcast fan or creator, you can’t miss the Atlantic Podcast Summit. Take full advantage of the event by purchasing a Saturday Full-Day Pass, which includes:

  • Full access to the Podcast Con.
  • Ticket and priority seating at Sickboy Podcast live. Pass holders get to enter 15 minutes before door time.
  • Option to add on the Opening Party and Sickboy Meet and Greet for only $10 each.

2019 Delegates

Eric Nuzum

Eric Nuzum

Creator and Consultant

Eric Nuzum is a media consultant and creator of iconic podcasts. Over the past 12 years, he has made podcasts that routinely top the charts, appear in yearly “best of” lists, win awards, and generate hundreds of millions of downloads. He started NPR’s podcasting efforts in 2005 and remained the network’s chief creative and strategic force for the following decade, leading NPR to become the world’s largest distributor of podcasts. Eric developed some of NPR’s most successful podcasts, and continued that record of success during his tenure as Audible’s leader for short-form content and podcasting. Eric is a “go-to” expert in audio, podcasting, radio, and spoken word entertainment. Eric has written what will be the first book focused on audio and podcast creation, titled Make Noise, set for release by Workman Publishing in 2020.

Kimberly Hacuman

Kimberly Hacuman

Senior Producer, Entertainment One’s Podcast Network

Kimberly’s passions are story-telling, exploring new ideas, and interviewing fascinating people. After working as a Marketing Consultant for ten years, she left her profession to pursue a career in radio and podcasting. She is a graduate from the University of Toronto, Sheridan Institute of
Technology, and Humber College.

Now at Entertainment One’s Podcast Network, she is a producer on the award-
winning podcast The AI Effect, which featured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Estonia’s CIO Siim Sikkut. Kimberly has worked on podcasts such as Professor Buzzkill: History 101, Nobody Cares (Except for Me) with best-selling author Anne. T Donahue, and So-Called Normal with mental health strategist Mark Henick.

You can find Kimberly salsa dancing in Toronto, dragon boating on Lake Ontario, or rummaging through many stationery stores.

Veronica Simmonds

Veronica Simmonds

Producer, CBC Podcasts

Veronica Simmonds is an award-winning radio/podcast producer and audio artist based in Toronto. She works at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation where she has produced the critically acclaimed podcasts Sleepover, Alone: A Love Story, and Tai Asks Why. Described by THIS Magazine as a “Sonic Sorceress,” her documentaries have aired on CBC, ABC and BBC. Her radio artwork has aired in a weather observatory in France, a hair dryer in Pittsburgh, and a grain silo in Norway. She also hosted Braidio, a show where she braided hair live on air.

Jeff Lohnes

Jeff Lohnes

Co-Founder, Talent Bureau

Jeff Lohnes is the Co-Founder of Talent Bureau – a speakers bureau and creative talent management firm. Along with helping clients find speakers for their events, he manages a roster of speakers and celebrities, discovering unique ways to increase their voice and monetize their work. He has been booking, managing and coaching talent for 15 years.

Beyond his day to day work, Jeff is the Co-Chair of TEDxToronto, helping lead the organization, curation and speaker coaching. He also serves as a Board Member of Tusarnaarniq Sivumut Association – Music for the Future, a program that delivers music education to remote communities in Nunavut.

Outside the office volunteer activities, Jeff’s a father, proud east coast transplant to Toronto, athletic enthusiast (mediocre at most, passionate about all) and started an online donair spice company, Drunken Sailor, to make the staple east coast product more available across the country. It’s now carried in 85 Sobeys stores across Atlantic Canada.

Stephanie Domet

Stephanie Domet


Stephanie Domet is a writer-broadcaster who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The author of two novels, she was also the host of Mainstreet on CBC Radio One from 2008-2015. She has contributed to podcasts through the Pacific Content network, and has appeared on and produced podcasts for Katy Bowman and She has interviewed premiers and prime ministers, rock stars and writers, and once interviewed, live on the radio during prime time, a father and daughter about a rock that had been in their family for two generations, that they were sure was a dinosaur egg, but which demonstrably was not.

Jeremie Saunders

Jeremie Saunders

Co-host and Producer, Sickboy and Turn Me On Podcasts

Jeremie is a multi award winning professional actor and yoga instructor who happens to live with a genetic lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis. He is an advocate for grabbing life by the balls and never letting go. He is married to a super babe of a wife named Bryde, and they own a big goofy dog named Bigby.

Brian Stever

Brian Stever

Co-Host and Producer, Sickboy Podcast

Brian is a host/producer of Sickboy Podcast. He has a love for competition, challenges, and adventure. Making other people smile is his ultimate purpose in life, but he also thinks it’s important not to take yourself so seriously. In his spare time he can usually be found living the Van Life with his beautiful girlfriend, Maddy.

Taylor MacGillivary

Taylor MacGillivary

Co-host and Producer, Sickboy Podcast

Taylor is a thrill seeking, adventure and travel loving human. If he’s not snowboarding or hanging around Jeremie and Brian, he’s running yoga studios with his life long lover Kyla. Or playing video games…with Jeremie and/or Brian.

Mira Burt-Wintonick

Mira Burt-Wintonick

Co-creator and Senior Editor, Love Me Podcast

Mira Burt-Wintonick is co-creator and Senior Editor of CBC’s Love Me, a podcast about the messiness of human connection. She specializes in immersive narrative audio that explores emotion and humour. Previously, she produced CBC’s WireTap, in collaboration with host and creator Jonathan Goldstein, which won a Prix Italia for Best Original Radio Drama in 2015. Mira has also won a Grand Prix Nova for Call of Dating and a Miller Humour Prize for Toccata (both co-produced with Cristal Duhaime). She sometimes makes videos (How To Age Gracefully) and comedy fiction shows (Pen Pals). In 2006, she won the Best New Artist Award at the Third Coast International Audio Festival.

Jordan Bonaparte

Jordan Bonaparte

Creator and Host, Nighttime Podcast

Jordan Bonaparte lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his family, a laptop, and an ever growing collection of books. Jordan balances his time between a career in the property insurance industry and his work as an independent journalist, operating primarily through the award winning audio documentary series Nighttime which has gained over 5 million downloads since its launch in 2016. With a history as a recording musician (in the popular Cape Breton based band Airport) and life long collector of unique stories and experiences, Jordan is respected for his ability to apply his open minded, boy next door personality to whichever strange tale he decides to introduce his listeners to.

Bryde MacLean

Bryde MacLean

Co-Host and Producer, Turn Me On Podcast

Bryde MacLean is the co-host of Turn Me On Podcast, a sex-positive, long-form conversation podcast based out of Halifax, NS. Since 2011 she has been building a career on the intersections of performing, teaching, and producing on the creative soil of the East Coast. She holds a BFA in Acting from Ryerson University and multiple teaching certificates through Modo Yoga International. She has worked professionally on stage at The Charlottetown Festival and Watermark Theatre, and on screen in a number of Atlantic Canadian films (Pogey Beach, Just Passing Through, Singing to Myself, Golden Days, A Blessing from the Sea). She has travelled internationally teaching yoga and yoga teachers and is a regular teacher at Modo Yoga studios and through Playdate Presents, her own workshop series that focuses on creativity and mindfulness as an important aspect of overall health and wellness. In 2018 she produced and hosted the inaugural fundraising event for the SickWish charitable organization (SickWish Gala, Sickboy Podcast) to grant a wish for an adult diagnosed with terminal illness. She is the Business Affairs and Production Manager for Club Red Productions, a film production company based out of Prince Edward Island, and is in production for the 2nd annual SickWish fundraiser later this year.

Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Host and Co-Producer, The Food Podcast

I’m a food writer, cookbook author, stylist and podcast host living in Halifax.

I host and co-produce The Food Podcast, a show where personal stories are shared through the lens of food, with Village Sound Studios. Our listenership stretches to Australia, where last spring I was invited to teach a workshop on storytelling for podcasts. Storytelling is at the core of all I do, from Love Food, the cooking show I hosted, to the series of cookbooks I co-authored with New Zealand food writer Pippa Cuthbert. For me food is the link, the common ground between all of us. But the personal stories that lie beneath, that’s where all the flavour is.

Peter Hemsworth

Peter Hemsworth


Bending soundwaves from a Halifax flat, Peter Hemsworth has taken the at-home audio setup and stretched it to its limits. As one of the three founders of the Changing the Narrative podcast, Hemsworth has lived through the humble beginnings of an aspiring podcast, making all the mistakes so you don’t have to. Since Changing the Narrative, Hemsworth has turned his focus to utilizing the powerful form of audio to tell the story of his fashion project BZLY; highlighting the activities and characters surrounding the brand using podcasting.

More delegates to be announced!


Friday, May 3
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle Street

Everyone has an idea for a podcast — we want to hear yours. Sign-up to get a few minutes to pitch your idea on-stage to our panel of experts, who will give you some no-holds-barred feedback. One lucky winner gets an amazing prize!

Don’t want to pitch? Come meet, party, and judge silently on the sidelines.

Host: Jeremie Saunders

Panelists: Eric Nuzum, Lindsay Cameron Wilson, Jason MacIssac, Veronica Simmonds

Please note: You must register in advance and have a ticket to the event to pitch. Only those who are selected to pitch will be contacted.


Saturday, May 4
Argyle Suite, The Convention Centre, 1650 Argyle Street

Join industry professionals from across North America, other fans, and creators for a day of panels, fireside chats, meet-ups, and keynote talks. You’ll learn everything from how to get started podcasting, to monetization, marketing, interview techniques and more. Whether you’re looking to get started, you’re just a fan, or you’ve been podcasting for years, come for a an entertaining inside look at the world of podcasting. 

Podcastin’ 101

This 30 minute power session will give you a rundown on everything you need to get started in podcasting. From at-home tech equipment, the best bang for your buck microphone, editing software and more, beginners will know what it takes to get started, and veterans might find a better way!


As one of the original NPR Podcast team members, and a current producer and creator, Eric Nuzum knows a thing or two about the podcasting world. He’ll discuss the current state of the industry, how to connect to supporters, understand your audience, options for networking, and what all of it means to today’s podcasters.

The Business of Podcasting

This panel of industry professionals will go over monetization, sponsorship, and marketing for your podcast.
Panelists: Kimbery Hacuman, Jeff Lohnes Moderator: Brian Stever

The Art of the Narrative Podcast

How do you craft stories/audio documentaries that pack the biggest punch? Learn how to structure compelling stories and build narrative worlds.
Panelists: Veronica Simmonds, Mira Burt-Wintonick

How to Cut Above the Noise

What are the components to creating a successful podcast? Our three panelists will tell you how they grew their podcasts from nothing to something, and what you can do to ensure your podcast gets heard.
Panelists: Lindsay Cameron Wilson, Jordan Bonaparte, Peter Hemsworth

The Art of the Interview

In this fireside chat, Stephanie Domet will share her insight from her 8 years interviewing guests on CBC’s Radio One, as well as her time contributing to and producing podcasts for Pacific Content network, Katy Bowman, and Host: Bryde MacLean

Sickboy Live

Saturday, May 4 | 7pm
The Argyle Suite, Convention Centre, 1650 Argyle Street

Tickets on sale now!

Arguably Atlantic Canada’s biggest podcast export, Sickboy Podcast is hilarious, ridiculously insightful and absolutely determined to break down the stigma associated with illness and disease. Seating is not assigned and is based on first come, first served when you arrive at the venue.

Already a mega fan? Join them before the show for a Meet and Greet event.


Sunday, May 5
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle Street

In this Masterclass, you’ll get a comprehensive look into podcast production. This workshop will be a hands-on approach to learning everything you need to know about producing a professional quality podcast. Topics will include microphone placement, recording, audio editing, adding production elements, mixing and podcast aggregation. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the technology and equipment needed to record podcasts at home and when it makes sense to use a professional studio. This class is created for those who want to jump head first into podcasting, and for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge.


      • Recording professional sounding audio.
      • Which audio recording equipment is best suited to your needs.
      • Editing Audio.
      • Adding and mixing production elements (third party recordings, music, sfx).
      • How to export the episode file.
      • Getting Heard: Promoting and uploading the podcast to aggregators.

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