March 6-7, 2020
Halifax, Nova Scotia

The only podcast-dedicated conference on Canada’s East Coast.

This year’s theme: Growth. Learn how to grow your podcast from nothing to something, how to increase your listeners, how to market your podcast, and much more. Join podcast experts from across North America as they share insight and knowledge that will help you take your podcast to the next level (even if you haven’t started yet).

You will leave with tangible information that you can take home to make your podcast better.

Sign up for one-on-one meetings with conference delegates and receive personalized feedback. 

Our conference features presentations from some of the best in the industry. Then, join our masterclass for a hands on how-to lesson.

Join us for a live taping of Momgasm Podcast as they chat about all things pleasure, sensuality, and motherhood.

Atlantic Podcast Summit 2020 Highlights


Friday, March 6
Registration opens at 8am
Cineplex Park Lane, 5657 Spring Garden Rd.

Join podcast creators and industry professionals from across North America for a day of presentations, networking and keynote talks. You’ll learn skills to grow your podcast — from how to market your podcast, to growing your audience, to how to take it to the next level and much more. Whether you’ve got an idea, are looking to get started, or you’ve been podcasting for years, you’ll walk away with tangible skills you can use to make your podcast better.

There will be 10 minute breaks between most sessions. Lunch is scheduled 12pm-1pm. Coffee and tea included and available all day.

Book One-on-One Meetings! 

This year, we’ve introducing a one-on-one program! Book meetings throughout the day with conference delegates. Included in Friday Full Day and Conference passes. To book a one-on-one meeting, scroll to the delegate you’d like to meet with, and click the link under their bio. From there, you can choose the time you’d like to meet with them.

Discover Your Voice and Tell Your Story

Presented by This Is Marketing

9 AM

You don’t need a ton of money to make a great podcast. Quick hacks don’t grow sustained audiences. And while two people and a microphone can be fun, there are far more important ingredients when it comes to great storytelling, listener engagement, and growth. In this talk, Kristen Meinzer will dispel some of the many podcasting myths out there, and lay out what she believes are the truly essential skills for building a great show and a loyal audience.

Podstarter Marketing 2020 — Looking Back to Leap Ahead

10 AM

Listen to Jon and Rhys as they share the successes and failures of applying basic Marketing Practises to Podcasting. Using real world examples and personal experiences, this conversation highlights the importance of knowing your Competitive Advantage, setting Key Performance Indicators and building a Momentum Plan that reworks your content across communities and digital/social platforms.

So You Think You Can Host?

11 AM

Confusing topics. Longwinded speakers. Emotional conversations. And it’s all your job to handle. Anyone can sit in front of a mic but hosting requires skills. Join Vicky Mochama (Host, No Little Plans; formerly, Safe Space, Canadaland Commons) to learn how to have a conversation that people want to listen to.


Case Study: Podcasting as a Business Development Strategy

1 PM

For the last several years, Kula Partners has been employing a rather unique business development strategy. They created a podcast called The Kula Ring and started inviting their prospects to join them on the show. Since starting this process, they’ve interviewed more than 70 guests and forged lasting relationships that have also turned into client engagements. Join Jeff W. White to learn how Kula uses podcasting to engage buyers, learn deeply about an industry, and create opportunities to close new business.

Level Up Your Podcast

1:45 PM

So you’ve started a podcast; congratulations! Now what? Whether you have one or one hundred episodes under your belt, we all hit a creative slump. Sarah Rowe will go through how to identify when you’re in said slump and how to get you out of there. Plus, tips and tricks to polish up what you’re already doing.

Finding Your Audience

2:30 PM

Discoverability is a challenge that all podcasts have, regardless whether you’re an independent producer or a network. Dila Velazquez, Content and Audience Developer at Curiouscast walks you through ten things you can do to help grow your audience.

Networking Mixer

Presented by:


Join us for an end of day networking mixer in the Cineplex lobby to recap the day! Meet other podcasters, industry professionals, and delegates. Beer and non-alcoholic drinks available. Included in Conference Pass and Friday Full Day Pass.

Day Hosted By:

Terrence Taylor

Terrence Taylor

Founder, Terrence Taylor Media

Terrence Taylor is the founder of Terrence Taylor Media, an Atlantic Canadian video production company that uses storytelling to highlight the essence of a brand. A storyteller by nature, Terrence strives to share more than just visuals and words – his work helps people FEEL the meaning and emotion behind them.

Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, Terrence brings a refreshingly cool, edgy perspective to the Maritime marketing scene. He has an impressive ability to capture the very essence of an organization or brand so authentically through visual media – and then produce it in a unique and compelling way that demands people to stop and pay attention.

Terrence is a founder and the producer of Changing the Narrative Podcast, which shines a light on life as a creative person and urges people to reconsider living the life that’s expected of them, and striving for more purpose and impact. Terrence welcomes various guests on the show and is always connecting people together, constantly growing a community of collaboration and opportunity.

What they’re saying:

“Aside from being a beautiful location with the friendliest people, the conference provides the full picture of the podcasting industry. From the opportunity to pitch a podcast, to hearing from industry experts, the event was a valuable experience for attendees of all professional levels.”

— Five Takeaways From The Atlantic Podcast Summit

Matt St. John, Patreon


Saturday, March 7
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle Street

In this Masterclass, you’ll get a comprehensive look into podcast production. This workshop will be a hands-on approach to learning everything you need to know about producing a professional quality podcast. You’ll walk away with a better understanding of the technology and equipment needed to record podcasts at home and when it makes sense to use a professional studio. This class is created for those who want to jump head first into podcasting, and for those who want to improve their skills and knowledge.

Instructors: Jason MacIsaac, Luke Batiot, Lindsay Cameron Wilson


      • Best practices for recording your radio (soundproofing, hardware/software, mic placement/technique)
      • How to edit audio (effectively editing to best tell your story)
      • How to add production elements (effectively incorporating third party recordings, music, and sfx into your show, and where to source these elements)
      • Mixing (teaching good mixing technique to help make your podcast sound as professional as possible).
      • How to export an episode file (turning your final mix into a playable file).
      • Launch day (a checklist of things to do before you hit “PUBLISH”).
      • How to promote your podcast (suggestions to help your show cut above the noise).
      • How to monetize your podcast (an explanation of the ways that podcasts can generate income).

Momgasm Podcast Live

March 6, 2020 | 9:00pm
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle St., Halifax

Join hosts Sarah and Lindsay as they chat about all things pleasure, sensuality, and motherhood. This podcast is as hilarious as it is inspiring — and their live show is a whole other level!

Doors at 9:00pm, show at 9:30pm.


Presented by:

Friday, March 6
The Carleton, 1685 Argyle Street

Everyone has an idea for a podcast — we want to hear yours. Sign-up to get a few minutes to pitch your idea on-stage to our panel of experts, who will give you some no-holds-barred feedback, and a chance to win a $500 cash prize, an AT2020 Podcasting Pack from Audio-Technica, and a Scarlett 2i2 Audio Interface from Focusrite!

Don’t want to pitch? Come meet, party, and judge silently on the sidelines.

2020 Judges: Kristen Meinzer, Sarah Rowe, Dila Velazquez, and Jason MacIsaac

Pitch proposals now closed.

Atlantic Podcast Summit Starter Pack

Looking for the exact tools you need to record a professional sounding podcast? Our friends at Long & McQuade on Cunard St. are offering special pricing on the Scarlett 2i2 Studio Pack for Atlantic Podcast Summit attendees!

This amazing pack retails for $379, but mention that you attended the Podcast Summit and you’ll receive yours for $319.

2020 Delegates

Kristen Meinzer

Kristen Meinzer

Co-Host and Author

Kristen Meinzer is an award-winning host, commentator, producer, and former director of nonfiction programming for Slate’s sister company, Panoply. Her hosting credits include Stitcher’s By the Book; Stitcher’s We Love You (And So Can You); CNN’s Lisa, Sandra, and Kristen Go To The Movies; Panoply’s When Meghan Met Harry; and WNYC/PRI’s Movie Date. Her producing credits include Happier with Gretchen Rubin, The Sporkful, Girlboss Radio, Vanity Fair’s Little Gold Men, Food 52’s Burnt Toast, The Takeaway, the Real Simple podcasts, and other award-winning shows. She’s the author of So You Want to Start a Podcast and How To Be Fine. She’s also a professional speaker and guest lecturer who’s presented at Columbia University, UT-Austin, The 92nd Street Y, She Podcasts Live, Podcast Movement, Doc NYC Fest, On Air Fest, and elsewhere. Kristen’s work and insights have been featured in The Washington Post, Time, Forbes, BuzzFeed, The Guardian, The Evening Standard, O The Oprah Magazine, NBC, the BBC, and dozens of other outlets. Check out Kristen’s website here!

Sarah Rowe

Sarah Rowe

Producer, Co-Host

From radio broadcasting to music production, Sarah’s been working with the spoken word since 2013. She’s produced audio work from 60 seconds to 60 minutes, including documentaries, interviews, soundscapes, electronic music, radio plays, and roundtable discussions. Sarah currently hosts & produces the weekly podcast Scream Scene with her husband where they’re watching every horror movie ever made in chronological order. Checkout Scream Scene here!

Vicky Mochama

Vicky Mochama

Writer, Host, and Principal of Vocal Fry Studios

Vicky Mochama is a writer and podcast host, and is a principal with Vocal Fry Studios. She has written for the Toronto Star, StarMetro, VICE, Globe and Mail, and Hazlitt. She was the host of Safe Space and former co-host of Canadaland Commons. She also hosts No Little Plans, a podcast about the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the project is a Vocal Fry Studios production in partnership with Community Foundations of Canada and Strategic Content Labs. Learn more about Vocal Fry Studios here!

Rhys Waters

Rhys Waters

Co-Founder and Producer, Podstarter

I’m Rhys from Podstarter, a producer based in Halifax. I launched my first content start-up at the age of 22 that led to me making BAFTA Award-winning work for the BBC and global brands like Aston Martin and NBC Universal.  I have produced, directed and edited over 60+ hours of TV, radio, commercials and podcasts. I’ve been passionately involved in podcasting since 2014, having developed, launched and run a hit show (the Unexplainers), which eventually became a radio show and TV series. I co-founded Podstarter with the vision of helping people make great podcasts and to tell stories that traditional media overlooks. Learn more about Podstarter here! 

Jonathan Burns

Jonathan Burns

Co-Founder and Producer, Podstarter

I’m Jonathan Burns, co-founder + producer at Podstarter. I connect people with their audience. It’s simple, and tough at the same time. I work as a producer and creative technologists, connecting content with the curious, using an odd mix of technology, marketing and people. I’ve produced and developed hours of online video content, mobile app experiences and augmented/virtual reality explorations reaching hundreds of millions of people. A part of my success has been working with companies like Lego, Disney and the NBA, but having great content doesn’t always mean it’ll find an audience. Learn more about Podstarter here!

I co-founded Podstarter in part to help people share their stories. But more specifically to help content creators to think differently about their audience, their content, and the connection between the two.

Dila Velazquez

Dila Velazquez

Content and Audience Development Manager, Curiouscast

Dila Velazquez is the Content and Audience Development Manager for Curiouscast, Corus Entertainment’s Podcast Network. Previously she helped develop and grow eOne’s Podcast Network. Dila believes that everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes they need help shaping them. She honed those skills as an Associate Producer on the Award-winning Food Network Canada show You Gotta Eat Here. She has transitioned from TV to podcasting by continuing to follow great stories and has developed and launched a variety of shows including Nobody Cares with Anne T. Donahue at eOne, and This Is Why, and When Life Gives You Parkinson’s at Corus. Along the way she has built relationships with independent producers in Canada and the US. She’s a proud dog mom to her rescue Riggins, loves Star Wars, comic books, and Vanderpump Rules. You can often find her obsessing over great food and natural wines.

Jeff W. White

Jeff W. White

Co-Founder, Kula Partners

Jeff is the co-founder of Kula Partners, an agency designed to help leading manufacturers digitally transform their marketing and sales.

A User Experience (UX) and usability expert, Jeff began building sites for the web over 25 years ago. He leads the design and development practice at Kula Partners, Canada’s first Platinum HubSpot Partner agency. A number of years ago, Jeff returned to NSCAD University as a sessional professor, bringing his understanding of web standards to a new generation of design students. A passionate advocate for usability and an open web that is accessible to everyone, Jeff frequently speaks on web design, usability, accessibility, marketing and sales at events such as HubSpot’s Inbound conference. He is also the co-host of the The Kula Ring, a weekly podcast that focuses on talking technology, marketing and sales with some of the most interesting minds in manufacturing marketing.

Jeff is a father of three and his non-work time is filled with shuttling kids back and forth to the pool, riding bicycles in the woods, and smoking meat on the kamado.

Jason MacIsaac

Jason MacIsaac

Co-Founder and Co-Producer, The Village Soundcast Network

Jason is a co-founder/co-producer of the Village Soundcast Network, one of Atlantic Canada’s leading podcast networks. The Village Soundcast Network has produced such original podcast series as: “What Happened To Holly Barlett”, The Food Podcast with Lindsay Cameron Wilson”, “Lens Me Your Ears”, “The Coast’s 25 X 25”, “Back Home: A Music Nova Scotia podcast”, “Less Than Live with Kate Or Die”, “Turning A New Leaf” and many more, including limited run podcasts for the ECMA, FIN film festival and AFX-the animation festival of Halifax.

Luke Batiot

Luke Batiot

Chief Engineer, Village Sound

A native Nova Scotian, Luke is an NSCC Recording Arts program instructor and the chief engineer at Village Sound since 2012. In addition to engineering hundreds podcasts over the years, Luke also does executive production, sound design and original music composition for a variety of podcasts.

Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Lindsay Cameron Wilson

Host, The Food Podcast

Lindsay Cameron Wilson is a podcaster, writer, photographer and recipe developer. Her work revolves around food- as an ingredient, a theme, a metaphor and a portal into story. Together with Village Sound Studios Lindsay hosts The Food Podcast, a show where conversation, story, music and sound are used to explore people and their food stories.

Lindsay’s past work includes co-authoring a series of best-selling cookbooks, hosting a cooking show, freelance writing and food styling. She lives in Halifax with her husband and three boys.

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